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If you see a snake, contact us immediately to attend and remove it from your premises. Don’t Delay.

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We remove venomous snakes from your Eltham home, business or school. Click below to learn more

24/7 Emergency Snake Catcher in Eltham

Don’t Put Your Life At Risk. Call Us Immediately.

Eltham has the most venomous snakes in the world including the Eastern Brown and Tiger snakes which can kill in 30 minutes. Don’t put you or your family at risk. Call us immediately to catch the snake.

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We are always professional, reliable and fully insured for your protection.

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 What Do I Do If I See A Snake? This & More F.A.Q’s

If you see a snake in Eltham, NEVER attempt to catch or handle it yourself. All Snakes are potentially Extremely dangerous. Just leave it alone and call Eltham Snake Catchers on 0403875409 and follow our instructions. When we arrive, we will immediately  capture and remove the snake.

Are Snakes in Eltham Dangerous to me and my family?

All snakes endemic to Eltham are extremely venomous and pose a serious threat to the lives of you, your family and your pets. This includes the Eastern Brown and Tiger snake. Do NOT ever try to touch or kill a snake yourself.

Do I Need To Use A Snake Catcher?

Yes! In Victoria, only licensed snake catchers can catch, handle and remove snakes from your Eltham premises. It is illegal for anyone else to do this. We are licensed, qualified, trained and fully insured to catch snakes in Eltham.

What Happens To Snakes After They're Caught?

All snakes are safely removed from the premises. Following they are inspected for their health and wellbeing then removed back into the environment away from people and pets.

Do You Ever Hurt Or Kill Snakes?

NO! We do not hurt snakes or intentionally kill them. All snakes are safely and carefully removed to a secure location away from people and pets into an environment which is suitable for them. Snakes are only “put down” ethically if they are already dying slowly and in significant pain as a result of the actions of others.

How do I protect my home and pets from snakes?

Go to the main webpage either or to learn more about how to protect your home and pet from snakes.

About Snake Catcher Eltham

As Eltham’s premier snake catchers, we attend your premises to search, locate, catch, handle and remove snakes to a safe location. We can inspect your premises for any snakes or signs of snakes and can provide general and specific advice about snakes.

Our focus is on protecting you, your family, home, neighbours and pets. While snakes play a pivotal role in the environment, they are extremely dangerous to humans and pets and need to be carefully removed elsewhere. REMEMBER: If you see a snake, do NOT attempt to handle it, call Eltham Snake Catchers on 0403875409 immediately.

Emergency Snake Catcher in Eltham

Snake Removals Eltham

24/7 Snake Catcher & Removals in Eltham. If you see a snake, do NOT touch it. Contact us instead.

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For professional and Ethical Eltham Snake Catcher / Handler, get in touch with us today.

Snakes of Eltham

Learn more about Eltham’s beautiful but extremely deadly snakes by clicking on the link below:

For the Fastest Response Times, Call Snake Catcher Eltham To Catch the Snake!

Speed is everything when it comes to snakes. Australian snake bites, particularly Eastern Tiger Snakes and Eastern Brown Snakes can kill you in as little as half an hour. If you are a child, sick or elderly, the time could be less. Snakes can also move extremely fast with no notice and can strike even quicker to bite that you don’t see it. 

The best protection from snakes and snake bites is prevention. That way you do not risk being bitten by a snake. Do NOT put your life at risk, let us do it instead. Call Eltham Snake Catchers on 0403875409 if you need a snake removed in Eltham.

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