24/7 Emergency Snake Handler in Eltham

Ethical Snake Handler in Eltham

We take pride in behaving ethically and responsibly around all animals including venomous snakes. Each snake we search and catch is done with care to ensure the safety and wellbeing of the snake and all persons. 

At Snake Handler Eltham, we do NOT use tongs or any instruments which can harm the snake. Most snake handling is done free hand to minimise risks to the snake and others. As a professional snake handler, I have the skills and abilities to handle the most deadly snakes in Eltham and the world.

How Does it all Work?

A snake can enter your premises in Eltham for any reason. It is not any one person’s particular fault. Once a snake is in your property, immediately keep all persons and pets away from the snake and watch it from a safe distance. While watching the snake, immediately call Eltham Snake Handler Mark Pelley on 0403 875 409 to attend. We will give you instructions on the phone on what to do. Once we arrive, we will find, catch, handle and remove the snake. Simple as that.

Our Services

We do more than just catch and handle snakes in Eltham. We also provide different services to help keep you and your family safe from venomous snakes. Click on the links below to learn more about what Snake Handler Eltham can do for you!

Property Inspections

We can attend your home in Eltham to look for snakes on your property. If you request a written report, this can be provided also.

Snake Safety Awareness

Teach your family, business or school in Eltham to be safe around venomous snakes and to know what to do if they see a snake in Eltham. Click on the link below.

Canine Snake Avoidance

Teach dogs to avoid snakes in Eltham with our Canine Snake Avoidance Training program. Book in your dog today to protect them from snakes.

24/7 Emergency Snake Handler in Eltham

0403 875 409