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Professional Snake Removals in Eltham. We are responsible, ethical, reliable and will remove any snake on your Eltham premises urgently. Call us 24/7 on

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Mark Pelley – The Snake Hunter

Eltham Snake Removal

If you see a snake, do not attempt to touch or handle it yourself. Snakes in Eltham are extremely venomous and can kill in as little as 30 minutes. Snakes in the area are also extremely fast and they can bite if provoked or afraid. Therefore, do not put your life at risk. If you want to protect yourself from a snake, the only way to do so is to call professional snake removal in Eltham on 0403 875 409.

Follow these steps to be safe if you see a snake: (1) Move all persons and pets away from the snake that is on your Eltham premises. (2) Keep an eye on it from a safe distance. (3) Call Eltham Snake Removal on 0403 875 409. (4) Follow my instructions on the phone until I arrive. (5) Once I arrive, show me where the snake is and I will capture it and remove it from your Eltham Premises.

24/7 Emergency Snake Removal

Don’t Put Your Life At Risk – Let Us Do It Instead

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Protect your dog today

Canine Snake Avoidance

Dogs frequently encounter snakes in the backyard or around the home and get bitten. Regardless of the size of the dog, they can be killed quickly by snakes and treatment can typically cost up to $7000. For more info, go to

Property Inspections

Protect Property From Snakes

Protect your property from snakes with our property inspections. We can attend your Eltham home or business and search for snakes. Following, we will give you specific advice on how to reduce risks in the future. Click on the link HERE

Learn to keep safe

Snake Safety Training

We can tailor training to your family, business, school, kindergarten or more. If you want to learn how to be safe around snakes or treating snake bites, contact us today. Click HERE to learn more.

Live Reptile Shows

Rescued Reptile Shows

We get injured, unwanted, sick or rejected reptiles who are unsuitable to be returned to the wild and they get a 2nd chance in life teaching people to be kind to animals. To book in a  show, click HERE

24/7 Snake Catcher

The Snake Hunter

Local Eltham Snake Removalist – The Snake Hunter is your 24/7 local venomous snake catcher. If you see a snake, call us. To learn more, go to the main web page

Who am I

Mark Pelley

Mark Pelley – The Snake Hunter grew up in Diamond Creek and was fascinated with snakes in the local area. He turned his passion into his profession and now is your local 24/7 snake catcher. Mark also runs a migration business too. Go to